Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We had our 2nd annual Sharp Family Reunion Vacation.  There should be an acronym for that.  The 2 SFRV or 2 SRV (2nd Sharp Reunion Vacation.  

Anyway, it was tons of fun!  There were 15 children (all of Larry & Marilyn's grandchildren) there, ranging in age from about 1 - 17.   Three of the girls are not in the above picture though. 

 The kids rode their bikes a lot.

 There was this cool loop outside the house and the kids would ride around it, over and over again. 

 Inside the paved loop was some fun "off-road" riding.

 Last year, this guy learned to ride his bike without training wheels during our Sunriver vacation.

This year, it was this one's turn. 

We drove to the top of Lava Butte and hiked around the rim.  It had amazing views of Mt. Bachelor and Three Sisters mountains. 

Mt. Bachelor.

Three Sisters. 

 Deschutes National Forest

Logan at the fire lookout tower on Lava Butte, with Bachelor and Three Sisters in the background.

 Taylor with one of her favorite buddies at the top of Lava Butte.

Grandpa, surrounded by grandchildren.

Logan with one of his favorite buddies on the trail through the lava beds.

Taylor and Logan on the lava beds trail with Mt. Bachelor in the background.

Taylor clearly didn't hike enough, she still had energy at the end to pose for the camera.  Both hikes we went on were fairly easy walks.  It was perfect for people with young children.

A few of the younger cousins working on a puzzle, including Taylor.  We didn't get too far on the puzzle.  I think it was missing lots of pieces.  Next time, I plan on bringing a few puzzles.  It's a great evening time activity.

 Another activity the kids enjoyed was playing and watching others play electronics.  The kids weren't on them very long though, with so many other things to do.

One of the kids' favorite things to do was their race around the house.  They ran so fast all the pictures are blurry.  They would run down these stairs 

 across the dining room,

between a log pole and kitchen island with chairs,

 behind the front room, 

down the entry way towards the front door, taking a sharp right and high-tailing it up the stairs, 

then run past this balcony and through the entertainment room,

and down another set of stairs, back to where they started.  It's taken me longer to type out the route than it took them to run it.  It was taking them about 15 - 20 seconds, (less for many of them).

I love this last picture because it shows the excitement they all had for one another.  They were cheering and chanting for each other and were genuinely happy for each others' successes.  It was super sweet.  We could all learn a thing or two from their example.

What were the parents and grandfather doing while the children were tearing through the house?  Taking pictures and timing them, of course!

 Taylor shucking corn.  

Each night a different family was in charge of the meals for the entire day, but everybody was always pitching in wherever they could.

 Sunset over the golf course, that was right outside our backdoor.

A view of the front room, enormous fireplace and dining room from the balcony above.

 It was hard to say goodbye to all our cousins.  We soooo hope we get to do this again next year! 



Sunday, August 12, 2012

Logan's Big Day!

It was Logan's baptism day!  We've been preparing for this day for months.  We've been planning and trying to set the date for weeks.  Finally it came, Saturday, August 11, 2012!

We had the missionaries (Sister Anderson & Sister Young) come and teach Logan the discussions.  The kids loved it.  They loved having the missionaries come just for them.  The sisters were great about teaching at Logan and Taylor's level.  

One time they were talking about agency.  They said, "Taylor, when your mom asks you to do something, you have a choice.  You can obey or...?"  

"Go to my room."  Taylor finished.  

Logan got his very own set of scriptures, thanks to his Grandma & Grandpa.  He loves them and loves reading them.  He also got a book about baptism from Nana & Papa.  So we spent some time before the baptism as a family, just sitting quietly, reading the book on baptism and about Jesus' baptism in the scriptures.

Logan was so excited to be baptized.  He told me that being baptized was more exciting and important than any birthday.

The big moment finally arrived.  We went up to the church to make sure everything was ready, you know, like water in the font and baptismal clothing for Logan.  We forgot a few things, like our camera and had to go back to the house a couple of times, so it felt a little hectic for a bit.  But it all worked out well in the end. 

Look at how sweet Logan looks in this picture.  

 So precious!

He was a little nervous, fear of the unknown, you know.  Just minutes before the baptism started, Logan looked up at me and said, "my nervous just turned to scared!"  We each said a quick prayer to feel better and we were good to go.  

I asked Logan how he felt after he was baptized and he said, "Awesome!!!"  And Taylor turned to me and said, "I want to be baptized too!"

His baptism was awesome.  Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who loves and supports Logan.  We really appreciate you all.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Hottest Day of the Year So Far

What did we do on the hottest day of the year so far?  We were among the few who did NOT go to the coast.  

Instead Taylor & I went to a local splash park and 

watched a few planes from the Oregon International Airshow fly overhead. 

 She loved the splash park.  It was the first time we'd gone all summer. 

 Taylor, up to her usual antics.


 Here you can really see her two missing front teeth!  Look at how happy she is!  She was having so much fun she hardly noticed...

these flying by.

Meanwhile, James & Logan were hiking Saddle Mountain.

Logan made it all the way to the top!

 It was about 2.5 miles one way and very steep at times.

James said it was nearly 1700 ft. of climbing! 

Once again, Logan did amazing, not wanting to turn around until they were almost to the top.

Luckily James convinced him to keep going and Logan said he was glad he made it to the very end.

Now it's Logan who's planning the next hike.  I just hope James' legs recover enough to join him.