Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

I just saw a pickup truck drive by our house, with a large, plastic nativity in the back of it.  Christmas must be over.  I suppose Christmas decorations have to down. 

The kids and I are still enjoying Christmas music on Pandora though.  

Here are a few of the Christmas activities we did this year.

We made gingerbread houses and graham cracker nativities.  

 We got a tree and decorated it.  

 I think having a tree is my favorite Christmas tradition.  

That, and reading all the Christmas books we can get our hands on.  And hot chocolate.  

Ta-da!  This year's tree.  

Taylor, our late sleeper, woke up at 6am on Christmas morning.  I convinced her to come snuggle with me in bed and we both fell back asleep.  

Logan, our consistent sleeper, woke up at his usual 7:30ish.  Then the Christmas Day activities could begin.  

Logan made Taylor a fleece blanket out of two different kinds of Frozen fabric.

There's the other side of the blanket.

Taylor, (with Mom's help) made Logan a Wild Kratt's vest.  

 He also got his first pocketknife, 

 a geologist's magnifying lens,

and slippers.  He also got a couple of How to Train Your Dragon toys.  Can't have Christmas without some toys to play with, can we?

 Taylor got Frozen slippers, 

 a Frozen game (thanks Nana & Papa), 

and a Frozen calendar, 

not to mention the Frozen barrettes, Frozen bracelet, Frozen jellybeans and Frozen Pez dispenser she got in her stocking.  

 Then she got a package of hot chocolate.  Not very exciting, but she smiled politely anyway.

 But wait, it's not really hot chocolate.  

It's a pair of blue opal, dangly, dragonfly earrings!

A Christmas present for the whole family was, "Thursdays with the Crown,"  the 3rd book in a trilogy I've been reading aloud to the kids.

In the afternoon we went to James' parents house.  We spent the next couple of days with family, which was great fun. 

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.   We hope you all did too!