Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Taylor's cooking skills & other Taylor things

 First of all, it was a beautiful sunrise this morning.  I tried to get the kids up to see it, but they just covered their heads with their blankets and rolled over.

So I documented it for them.  "See what you missed this morning!"

 In other news, Taylor has taken to making her own scrambled eggs.    

 She loves eggs and helping out in the kitchen.  So we put it all together the other day.

She now loves making a breakfast of scrambled eggs for everybody.  She's growing up and becoming more and more independent.

Taylor also loves to help me when we go grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping with two little kids used to be such a nightmare.

I was constantly telling them to stay by me, not pick anything up, to stop asking for everything, to not stand or stop suddenly right in front of the cart and to not climb or hang on to the cart.  

Now that the kids are older, (and after years of training them), they aren't so bad.  All I have to say to them now is, to not pick anything up, stop asking for everything, to not climb or hang on the cart...

But they are trying to be helpful and I appreciate that.  

Activity Days, a group at church just for 8-11 year old girls started up this week.  Taylor gets to go and she's so excited for it.  She has so much fun with the girls her age.  

We also recently acquired two, old school desks, thanks to James' sister and her husband, who have connections with the schools.  :)

The kids are enjoying them and having a school space of their own.  They can keep their books and pencils inside their desks.  Each desk even came with it's own chair.  

And we get our dining room table & counter back!  Yay!  No more school books and papers all over them.  

Taylor's also been very busy making rubber band bracelets with this kit she bought with her allowance money.  She didn't even know it existed, but luckily she saw it when we were at the store the other day.  And luckily she had her purse with all her money in it.  

Everyone in the family and many of her cousins now have rubber band bracelets of all colors.  She loves to make them and give them away.  

This picture is especially for my mom & sister.  Taylor's wearing her hair, "some up, some down."  

I was telling Taylor the other day about how my sister and I would bring a hairbrush to my mom (Nana) on school days when we were Taylor's age.  We'd then tell Nana how we wanted our hair done.  "All up."  "All down."  or "Some up, Some down."  

So Taylor asked me for "some up, some down" since she had never worn her hair that way before. 

And one last picture of the kids, goofy off at Dad's clinic, trying on all the glasses.  I think they look pretty cute in glasses.  They have great eye sight though.  So they don't need them.  

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