Thursday, February 12, 2015

What Logan's Been Up to Lately

This is what Logan was doing while I was taking pictures of Taylor in her white baptism dress.  

Happy as a lark.  "Exploring."

When not climbing on rocks, he can be found at home, being very helpful.  He's great at loading the dishwasher, 

and vacuuming the car.  

Though, he would rather be out climbing rocks.  

He's into geology right now and loves his new rock hammer.  He chips off rocks, 

and then takes them home to inspect more closely.  

He cleans up nicely though.  ;)

When the weather doesn't cooperate and we have to stay inside, he'll enjoy a game of chess, 

with Taylor...  

until he can get back out to the rocks.  

We found some LOGANberry Jam at a nearby fruit stand.  We all thought that was fun. 

Logan's on his 2nd pair of shoes since we moved here less than a year ago.  He loves his new "hiking" shoes.  

 And they're great for climbing on rocks!  

If Logan had his way, this is where you'd find him everyday.  All day long.  

He also stays busy with school and scouts and reading and playing. I'm proud of him for being such a great kid and a big help around here.  He's awesome!  Awesome! Awesome!!  Awesome!!!  I love him so much!

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